Montezuma’s goes back to black

montezumas black

Montezuma’s has added to its Absolute Black 100% cocoa bar range with two new flavours: Absolute Black with Almond and Absolute Black with Orange and Cocoa Nibs.

Absolute Black with Almond is studded with blanched almonds providing an intense cocoa hit with a creamy, nutty texture. Absolute Black with Orange and Cocoa Nibs uses organic orange oil and cocoa nibs to add a crunch and natural sweetness to the 100% cocoa bar.

Both bars are sugar-, dairy- and gluten-free and are suitable for vegans.

“We launched Absolute Black to offer a delicious and dramatic cocoa hit to those customers wanting the highest cocoa percentage,” says Montezuma co-founder Helen Pattinson. “The popularity of Absolute Black was unprecedented, and so we are excited to be able to bring even more innovation and introduce some exciting new flavours.”

She adds: “Customers have many reasons for wanting a 100% cocoa chocolate, but creating the right flavour is only possible by using the best quality ingredients. In developing these new bars we worked hard when testing to ensure the orange and almond notes sit beautifully with the blend of cocoa to ensure flavour consistency and most importantly, to avoid that bitter after taste which is common in so many dark chocolates.”