Pukka commits to Fair for Life

Pukka Herbs has announced that its entire range of organic herbal teas is now certified Fair for Life.

The Fair for Life certification ensures fair and positive relations between producers and companies, between workers and their employers and between sellers and buyers across the world.

Fair for Life ensures that everyone who is involved in taking Pukka from crop to cup, including growers, blending partners, packers as well as Pukka employees, are verified to have fair wages and decent working conditions.

Pukka says that the Fair for Life standard enables it to source even more ethically and fairly-traded herbs and work with more farmers and growers, ensuring they are paid fairly and treated ethically in developed and developing countries.

It also offers transparency, with its accreditation report in the public domain.

“Committing to the most stringent independent standard was no mean feat, and a lot of hard work has gone into certifying all of our teas Fair for Life,” explains Pukka co-founder Sebastian Pole. “The commitment to Fair for Life is one of many steps in our growing commitment to creating a more sustainable future for people, plants and the planet.”

Established in 2006, Fair for Life was developed by Swiss BioFoundation and Institute for Marketecology.