Wiley’s introduces Vitamin K2 supplement


Wiley’s Finest has introduced a new product, Vitamin K2, which also includes concentrated EPA and DHA omega-3 as well as MenaQ7 Vitamin K2.

MenaQ7, a clinically proven and patented form of vitamin K2 is, says the brand, the first and only form to be recognized in human clinical trials to support bone and cardiovascular health. Wiley’s Finest K2 supplement is also the first to combine K2 and omega-3.

The new product includes 500mg of both concentrated EPA and DHA omega-3 from Alaska Pollock Fish Oil with a per serving dosage of 80mcg MenaQ7 K2, which has been shown to be effective at just 45mcg per day.

According to Eric Anderson of vitamin K2 research institution NattoPharma: “Clinical studies show that vitamin K2 is an under-consumed nutrient that is very difficult to obtain from whole foods; it is an excellent combination with supplemental EPA and DHA omega-3 to support heart and circulatory health.”

The new formula is contents tested and certified by NSF International to ensure the products meet the dose claimed on their label and are safe from environmental contaminants. Each fish oil supplement is certified by the Marine Stewardship.