A note from the editor: You’re not alone


NPN editor Rosie Greenaway shares her thoughts on the rapidly changing situation the world now faces during the coronavirus pandemic.

And just like that, we woke to a nightmare. Since my last comment the world has changed beyond recognition. Minute by minute, hour by hour; it’s barely possible to keep up. Many of us, while having to adapt rapidly, are still in a state of shock.

As someone whose profession is based on words, it strikes me as interesting how quickly language evolves in a crisis – how a new set of buzzwords can enter the vernacular in the blink of an eye. Unprecedented. Coronavirus. COVID-19. Self-isolation. Lockdown. Furlough. Wash your hands. Stay home. Then everyone’s favourite: social distancing, or as one friend repositioned it, physical distancing. This plays to the idea that while we may be forced to keep our distance physically, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t remain connected. Nobody should feel alone. In living rooms around the country, digital hang outs have replaced the real deal and windows display rainbows drawn by kids now experiencing a much simpler childhood.

The April issue of the magazine was a tough one, to be perfectly honest. But I’m proud of what we managed to achieve remotely, under very testing circumstances. For the first time in the magazine’s history, mid-way through production the team was disbanded to work from home. With the news that ExCeL would become NHS Nightingale, the Natural Products team had to come to terms with the fact that the 2020 show would sadly not go on. We’ll return with gusto next year – for NPE’s 25th anniversary – but in the meantime we’re here to support you.

Our world is taking a deep breath – let’s take one with it

Reach out to us. You’re not alone. Your business will be impacted and these may be some of the most stressful days you’ve known. You’ve had to rally and innovate; you must be exhausted. Maybe you could use a little support. Perhaps you’re staying positive and want to spread some cheer. Whatever your story, we’re here.

I’ve been blown away by how you’ve soldiered on, feeding the nation’s health. You’re all remarkable and have brought me to tears with your humbling gestures of kindness in the community. That’s what the world needs now.

The pandemic touches all our lives in some way; we really are in it together. As the Soil Association so beautifully puts it: “Our world is taking a deep breath – let’s take one with it.”

Stay strong, stay healthy, lean on each other and keep in touch.