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Hodmedod’s launches British gluten-free flours

Hodmedod’s has launched a new range of four flours made using British-grown quinoa, fava beans and yellow and green split peas to meet demand for gluten-free flours which have a clear provenance and are sourced from the UK. Hodmedod’s Quinoa Flour has a subtle earthy and nutty flavour and is great for cakes, cookies, bread, […]

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New GM crops require revised testing says expert

Richard Werran, MD of non-GM certification company, Cert ID Europe, has highlighted the fact that new GM crops may soon appear in the EU food supply, which won’t be able to be detected by older testing methods. He cites the case of CV-127, known as Cultivance, a new genetically-modified soya bean that has been inserted […]

February 4, 2016 Continue Reading

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