Provamel reports 9% first quarter sales rise

Organic soya brand Provamel reports that its first quarter sales are up 9% on last year. The company says the rise shows that “shoppers are returning to their local Healthfood store and noticeably embracing sustainable, healthy products”.

To help boost its sales further, Provamel has recently joined forces with Better Naturally, the new dedicated health food sales team at Ceuta Healthcare.

Better Naturally’s brief is to ensure direct communication with the health trade about Provamel products, support materials available and help educate retailers on the benefits of soya. Its award winning team will be visiting health food stores across England to showcase the complete Provamel range.

Commenting on the appointment Michael Lovitt, product manager at Provamel says: “Provamel’s recent sales success proves that health food shoppers are very much back where they belong and more aware than ever of the impact food is having on their health but also the health of the planet. Because of this, we want to communicate face to face with as many retailers as possible about both the Provamel range, the health benefits of soya and its positive effect on the environment. This is a huge task to undertake which is why we’ve joined forces with Better Naturally. It means together we can get out on the road and see more people than ever.”

Roger Boon, business development director at Better Naturally, comments: ‘We’re looking forward to working with Provamel to raise awareness of its products to health food retailers whilst also working with stores to train and educate staff so that they can communicate the full benefits of the products and offer assistance with instore displays, merchandising and order placing.”