Revital expands and rebrands

Independent health store chain Revital has opened a new London store and completely overhauled its brand identity.

“We’ve been expanding – over the last three years we’ve opened five or six new stores – and we’re continuing that trend,” explains Rahil Vora, director. “We’ve seen a growth in the industry and a growth in demand.”

The majority of the chain’s new openings have been in London, and the latest one – which is around 1,000 sq ft – is too, in Victoria, just down the road from an existing store and right on the main high street.

The location has been chosen carefully, taking other independents into consideration. “Because we’re an independent, we’ve avoided any high streets or towns where there’s an existing independent. It’s always been my father’s principle that as he’s an independent he didn’t want to have competition with another. In the past, to overcome this we’ve bought out a few independent stores. So to target the areas outside London which we would like to be in we’re also looking to expand by acquiring stores.”

Commenting on the rebrand, which took around eight months, Vora says: “The company colours and identity have been there for about 20 years so we wanted to refresh and update that. The positioning has gone from what used to be your typical local health food and vitamin store to more of a healthy lifestyle store to attract a wider audience, although the products themselves are the same.

Vora explains that the rebrand is targeting a younger clientele who may walk past a vitamin store and not really know what’s inside so wouldn’t walk in. “We want to be more all-encompassing by pitching and positioning the brand as a healthy lifestyle brand. We’re doing this through our tag lines, advertising, and the way we’re marketing. We’ve had an agency come in to do everything and it’s literally changed everything – the way our staff talk to customers, their uniforms, to customer service.

The company has also launched a new website using the fresh identity.