Securing an exclusive distributorship deal with supermarket chain city’super, Alara Wholefoods announces expansion into Hong Kong market.

The city’super chain operates 20 stores across Hong Kong, offering a wide range of premium foods and lifestyle products ‘to target an audience of busy urban professionals’.

The listing will see the retailer take 12 Alara SKUs, including all products under its new Net Zero Food range, which will be shipped by sea from independent UK wholesaler Queenswood Natural Foods.

Alara founder Alex Smith welcomes the deal, commenting: “It’s great that city’super, such a well-managed and quality food focused food store in Hong Kong, has started to stock a wide selection of Alara cereals. This builds on our success more widely in the region, for example in Japan where we are supplying 35,000 packs every month, and in China, which is taking more and more Alara brand products.”

Over the past five years Hong Kong consumers … have become avid buyers of certified organic foods

Sonalie Figueiras, founder and editor-in-chief of media platform Green Queen, comments on the Hong Kong market: “Over the past five years Hong Kong consumers, especially parents, have become avid buyers of certified organic foods. They are more and more invested in the health of their family and organic products represent the apex of sustainability and quality in the supermarket aisle.”

With Alara reporting a year-on-year increase of around 30% in global and domestic sales, Smith says Alara ‘is in a good place as we pull out of the pandemic’, thanks to the launch of the Net Zero Food range and the company’s communications strategy. “We’ve been getting the message out to the next generation of conscious consumers about Alara’s heritage and brand values. Being plastic-free, net zero carbon and organic are all attributes that resonate powerfully for our customers.”