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The breakfast club

We’re all familiar with the old adage ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’, but truth be told...

Eat, sleep, move, repeat

Rosie Greenaway shares a checklist of products which health stores could offer to active lifestyle enthusiasts.

Anxiety attack

While lockdown is over for many, some people are experiencing a very personal type of lockdown, reports Kate Miller.

From distress to de-stress

Whether it’s with shamanic healing, ear seeds or adaptogens, the world of natural de-stressing often draws on traditional wisdom.

Well oiled

Healthy oils is the perfect example of a natural and organic category with crossover appeal to both foodies and health consumers. Healthy oils is a...

Healthy Heart

The pulse of the heart health category is proving strong for retailers. First the good news: according to the British Heart Foundation, the total number...

The rise of clean and conscious beauty

The Natural Beauty & Spa Show is back at ExCeL London. Do you have the date in your diary? Okay, great. Now let us inspire you with what to expect … 

Meat-free magic

At Natural & Organic Products Europe the halls resounded to the emerging meat-free revolution, writes Matt Chittock. Additional reporting by Emma-Louise Jones. Any retailer wandering...

Baby it’s you

With Britain undergoing something of a baby boom, retailers with good parent and baby categories in store are proving that they’re no dummies. Kate...

Food of the gods

Regularly consuming a little of what you love could have long-term health benefits – even where chocolate is concerned, discovers Rosie Greenaway In a growing...

Best bar none

With small chocolate producers choosing to trade directly, Jane Wolfe takes a look at the rise in artisan bean to bar chocolatiers who are putting cocoa farmers’ welfare before profit 

Deep freeze

Ever wondered how to make ice cream so smooth even the toughest connoisseur would be fooled? Yorica is here to explain (some of) its secrets to success.

The daily dose

From canned drinks to oral sprays, Rosie Greenaway discovers it’s not all pill-popping when it comes to keeping deficiencies at bay

Covering all bases

Rosie Greenaway tests out the newest eco living launches, from furoshiki-inspired gift-wrap to vegan pillowcases.

A quest for equity

Women have suffered years of neglect by the healthcare system with symptoms dismissed, inconsistent treatment and a lack of research.

Cosy cuisine

Jane Wolfe takes a look at what’s available in the way of convenient, but healthy and hearty options to keep your customers warm and...

The guts of the matter

Matt Chittock finds out how natural health approaches can make gut problems a lot easier for customers to stomach The fact that, according to the...

Veggie might!

Sales of vegetarian and vegan foods have been soaring as A-list celebrities get on board the plant-food lifestyle The vegetarian and vegan sectors are enjoying...

The Passenger

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, Jane Wolfe looks at what natural solutions should be packed, and preventative measures taken, to increase the chances...

Cool for cats (and dogs)

Are you making the most of the pooch pound? Do you even have a pet section? If not, you probably should. Animal-loving Brits are...