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Organic September

The UK’s biggest campaign to grow the organic market is almost upon us. Hayley Coristine talks to the experts to unearth helpful hints and...

Beat the sneeze

Ancient knowledge and modern research are combining to make winter remedies even more effective in 2019, explains Matt Chittock Ancient cave people coming down with...

A clean sweep

Jane Wolfe looks at the consequences of lockdown on diet and the solutions health stores can offer to provide a cleanse to bodies and minds.  

Alt-milk movement

In the past year we’ve seen court action, legislation regarding the use of dairy-based descriptors and concerns raised about sustainability.

Fasting and fuelling

Despite what mainstream media still so often tells us, weight management isn’t all about weight loss, reports Rosie Greenaway.

Menu du jour

Emily McCoy dons her chef’s hat and does an inventory of the health store ingredients and products helping turn novice home cooks into Masterchef...

Beauty from the inside out

More consumers are looking for natural solutions to problems with their hair and skin. Sarah Callard explores whether beauty really does come from within. Our...

A tale of two toothbrushes

The UK has a problem, and it’s not just the occasional toothache. Rosie Greenaway books an appointment with the dental care industry to find...

Special Feature: Natural petcare

Should eco-friendly pet products give retailers paws for thought? Matt Chittock takes a walk on the wild side to find out more. In the words...

Beautiful people

As more consumers look for natural and organic beauty solutions, there’s an increasing demand for reassurance through certification, reduced chemicals and highly effective and...

Plant power

Jane Wolfe looks at what’s behind the impressive growth of veganism in the UK and whether advocates are still driven by the ethics of...

Life in plastic: not fantastic

As the world finally wakes up to the disastrous effects of plastic on our environment, Rosie Greenaway examines the measures being taken to limit future impact and reverse the damage, speaking to the retailers who are saying no to packaging. These zero waste pioneers are highlighting the political sway of consumer purchasing power, challenging the industry to lead from the front line and radically re-think its attitude towards plastic

What’s noo?

Personal experience is fuelling a fresh wave of natural nootropics to help consumers back to mental balance, says Matt Chittock For some in the natural...

From baby bust to baby boom

Despite a predicted decline in birthrate, Kate Miller highlights the reasons why it’s always a good time to stock up on baby products 

Drinks that do more

Sipping her way through Dry January, Rosie Greenaway explores what’s on the menu in the world of functional drinks 

One step closer

It's difficult to find the motivation to move in winter but donning activewear and lining up the sports supplements gets you halfway there. 

Start me up

Helping consumers get a healthy start is simple thanks to natural producers bringing great products to the breakfast table. Take a look across the breakfast...

High Anxiety

With anxious times stressing out even the most chilled consumers, there’s plenty of products on the health store shelves to help them relax. For even...

Male delivery

Jane Wolfe discovers how the male skincare sector is progressing and how the younger generation is starting to change the rules of the game

Starting from scratch

As more people are cooking their family meals from scratch due to both health and economic reasons, Jane Wolfe looks at the top performers...