Matt Chittock learns how brands are making a splash by helping reshape the way we consume and conserve water and how new initiatives are sustaining the communities who need it

Do customers still have an appetite for sustainability? An analysis of Google searches suggests that they do. According to a study from, ‘What is sustainability?’ is the most Googled question about the subject, with 58,000 average monthly searches (‘Why is sustainability important?’ came in second).

It is ironic that an eco-drinking straw brand commissioned the research, since the new wave of sustainable initiatives are centred around the world’s most precious liquid: water. This year a raft of health store-friendly companies are competing to empower consumers to conserve, reduce and protect the water around us and sustain the ecosystems and communities that rely on it.

Creating change starts close to home – or even in it. Sustainable pot brand elho has released an edit of new ‘ocean pots’, each one created from ocean plastic, including fishing nets and ropes that litter our seas and beaches. It’s an approach taken by Scottish start-up POTR too, with limited-edition pots crafted from debris reclaimed from coastlines across the UK and Europe. Elsewhere, brands like Jungle Culture are making responsibly sourced essentials like reusable water bottles, designed for style as well as ethics.

Meanwhile, in Uganda, innovative and accessible tech is helping people to get clean, affordable water for their homes by ‘harvesting’ it from rooftops. Right now, 7.4 million people in rural Ugandan areas are waiting for access to clean water. The country’s Mvua Water Harvesting Initiative is providing advice and funding to help Ugandans transform their rooftops to get what they need.

In the UK, water is increasingly being hailed as the basis for sustainable cleaning supplies. 2San’s new Clean Zero system is focused on water microfiltration, promising cleaning and sterilization to a ‘hospital grade’ standard. 

Using water carefully is vital, but so is conserving the world’s irreplaceable seas and waterways. Following a fierce ten years of negotiations, nations reached a historic agreement in March to help do just that. The High Seas Treaty aims to help place 30% of the seas into protected areas by 2030 to safeguard and recuperate marine nature.

It’s a cause close to sus-tainable toilet paper company Oceans’ heart. “We should all continue to do our bit to help protect the ocean,” says Jordan Kelly, brand marketing manager at Oceans. “This could be through joining or hosting local beach cleans, supporting charities who make it their mission to protect our oceans and the beautiful marine life that inhabit it, or even reducing how much you use plastics on a day-to-day basis.” 

Sadly, sometimes the health store sector can be part of the problem. The growing number of customers putting fish oils on their shopping lists could be placing severe strain on species that are already over-fished. The same can be true of marine collagen too.

Omega-3 brand Wiley’s Finest has found a sustainable solution through certification with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a body dedicated to protecting the oceans. “Wiley’s Finest has been a long-standing champion of the MSC, committing to bring their customers fish oil from certified sustainable fisheries in Alaska that are helping to safeguard our oceans and seafood supplies for future generations,” says Seth McCurry, senior commercial manager at the MSC.

Ultimately, being smart about water begins by rethinking product formats from the ground-up. For example, Yorkshire start-up Overherd is aiming to make plant milk ultra-sustainable by supplying it in a powder form to slash both water and packaging. The brand maintains that store-bought plant milks feature over 90% water, which just isn’t necessary when customers can add it direct from the tap at home. 

Sandy Eyre, founder of Overherd, explains: “Plant milk is a bit like blackcurrant squash – it wouldn’t make sense to buy squash pre-mixed. It would be super bulky and packaging intensive. We think the same applies to plant milk, which is why we focus on the oat concentrate, the part that provides the flavour and nutrition.” 

This ground-up approach has also influenced products in the natural beauty sector – hence the popularity of shampoo bars in the last few years from brands like Ethique. Now new name We are Concentrate is taking that innovation to the next level with a water-free shampoo and conditioner that shoppers can activate at home by turning into a paste. It’s part of a commitment to stop the equivalent of 50,000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean through reduced packaging. Waterless beauty is a growing trend, with waterless cosmetic sales predicted to grow 13.3% by 2031, according to Future Market Insights.  

Despite the cost of living crisis, sustainability isn’t going anywhere as a customer concern – as borne out by increasing coverage on mainstream telly. Aiming to amplify sustainably minded voices, EarthxTV is a new dedicated Freeview channel focused on environmental and sustainable programming. Expect plenty of eye-opening documentaries as well as a celebration of wildlife – including our planet’s water-dwellers.


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“Our new range of 9-pack Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Tissue has reduced packaging – both in the pack and in the case – and by tightly winding the rolls, we have also reduced the amount of air between the sheets,” says Simon Weavers, Sales Director, The Cheeky Panda Ltd. “This means consumers can be reassured that alongside the benefits of bamboo, we now have another product with a low carbon footprint.”

The range also supports the vital work of WWF through a donation for every pack sold. Louise Bittleston, Corporate and Community Fundraising Manager at WWF-UK, adds: “We are delighted to be partnering with The Cheeky Panda on their Bamboo Toilet Tissue. Our two brands are so beautifully aligned, and the work that The Cheeky Panda are doing to be as sustainable as possible is admirable and makes them a great fit for a partnership with us. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this and to everyone who purchases the products: the money raised through the toilet tissue will help us in bringing our world back to life and creating a future where people and nature can thrive together.”


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