New to the healthy grab and go snacking category are Instinct Bites, bite-size pieces of freeze-dried organically sourced fruit, with nothing else added.

Freeze-dried to maintain the fruits’ colour, flavour and nutritional value, the snacks are described as having a light, soft crunch, and available in two mixes: Sour Cherry Strawberry, which also has added blueberries and cranberries; and Kiwi Apple, which also includes banana.

One 10g packet contains almost the same nutritional value as 100g of fresh fruit, the brand says, providing one of your 5 a day, and has an eight to ten-month shelf-life.

Founder and ‘chief forager’ Dominic Kristy, came up with the idea while studying for a Nutrition degree at university, where he struggled to find healthy on-the-go snack options. “Fresh fruit would go mushy before I could eat it and the dried varieties were often coated with sugary syrups to make them last longer. I needed a fruit snack that was small and compact that could survive the harsh unforgiving environment of my bag – but most importantly, was just as naturally healthy as the fresh stuff.”

After stumbling across the process of freeze-drying, Kristy says he ‘knew straight away this was the future of healthy snacking’, and six months after graduating, he launched Instinct Bites.

The snacks are Vegan Society approved.

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