The Restored launches quartet of supplements

The Restored
The Restored

Following three years of scientific research, a new line of supplements called The Restored has launched onto the market to address sleep, movement, mindset and nutrition.

The British-made range is made using 100% natural, GMO-free wholefood and standardized plant extracts which are combined to work in harmony with one another to maximize absorption. The Restored line has launched with four products:

  • Advanced Sleep Aid– a vegan formulation designed to support the full sleep cycle for deeper, better quality sleep, incorporating the brand’s trademarked magnesium blend, griffonia seed extract and tryptophan, along with montmorency cherry and watermelon.
  • Triple Strength Omega 3 contains WWF-approved Peruvian anchovies and algae-sourced astaxanthin, which has been linked to healthier skin and hair, heart health and reduced joint pain.
  • Omega 3 triple-strength soft gel fish oil supplement contains a blend of natural orange and lemon oils to make it more palatable.
  • Multivitamin – a multivit supplement that also features an advanced botanical blend of high strength ginger and turmeric extract.

“Everything we develop here at The Restored is grounded in the four foundations of health: sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset,” explains brand founder Richard Turnbull. “To make significant improvements to your health, you need a good baseline in all foundations.

“Our team has collectively spent years in the pursuit of restoring health, and exploring everything the wellness industry has to offer. We’ve cut through the noise and fads to create natural, effective and innovative products to improve your health and get you ‘back to good’.”

The Restored also offers a free four-week online sleep programme. In product testing, the brand says that 97% of users found they slept better after using The Restored Advanced Sleep Aid, and combined with the sleep course, users were up to twice as likely to experience improved sleep.