Totum Sport offers plankton support

Totum Sport is a completely natural food grade supplement designed to ensure optimal performance for athletes and active individuals.

Harvested below deep-sea plankton blooms in the Atlantic Ocean, the product provides the body with the complete 78 electrolytes, minerals and trace elements in the correct, bioavailable proportions cells require to function efficiently.

Totum Sport aims to support all aspects of hydration in all compartments in the body. Taking one sachet prior to a post-exercise meal also primes the gut for the absorption of other nutrients from food which helps speed up recovery. Research from Alicante University has also found that Totum Sport helps stabilize blood sugar and prevents cramps. This can also help improve recovery and reduce the risk of injury.

One 20ml sachet of Totum Sport contains the same amount of essential electrolytes that are lost from the body, primarily as sweat, during one hour of hard exercise. Based on this, it is recommended to take one sachet ten minutes before working out on an empty stomach to prepare cells for exercise and to drink water thereafter. A final sachet should then be taken immediately after training or competition to maximise the body’s ability to absorb protein and carbohydrates from recovery products.

Totum Sport is harvested 20-30m below the plankton blooms in order to not interfere with them and ensure a fully sustainable process. The nutrient-rich solution is then transported under carefully controlled conditions to the pharmaceutical-standard facility where it undergoes a double cold microfiltration process to ensure absolute sterility and safety. Nothing is added to the harvest of minerals meaning it is 100% natural with no heating or additives and every batch is tested to ensure it is totally safe. It is then packaged to best practice according to EU GMP guidelines

Totum Sport contains no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives.