Wiley’s Finest reaches the summit

Wiley’s Finest has created what it says is the first high concentration DHA omega-3 liquid from wild Alaskan pollock fish oil, Summit DHA.

Naturally flavoured with citrus, a teaspoon of Summit DHA provides 2,140mg of naturally occurring docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) sourced from MSC-certified sustainably harvested wild Alaska pollock fish oil – and 460mg of EPA.

“Summit DHA was created in response to our customers’ demand for a highly concentrated DHA- focused fish oil supplement,” explains Wiley’s Finest CEO, Sam Wiley. “While our award-winning Peak EPA and Peak Omega-3 Liquid formulas are very successful with our customer base for their high concentration of EPA, there was clearly a space for a concentrated DHA omega-3 liquid.”

“We named this product ‘Summit’ because it boasts the same high concentration our customers expect from our ‘Peak’ products. We’re excited to bring another great-tasting liquid formula to market, and to bolster our customers to have another tool for optimal brain health.”

Wiley’s Finest products are NSF certified, ensuring they meet the dose claimed on their label and are safe from environmental contaminants.