Puressentiel has added to its Rest & Relax range of essential oil blends to promote sleep and wellbeing.

The brand has introduced a Rest & Relax Blend For Diffusion (along with a Diffuser) which contains ten essential oils – namely sweet orange, cajeput, fat spike lavender, petitgrain, true lavender, rosewood, palmarosa, sweet marjoram, white sandalwood, Roman chamomile – designed to help relax, induce sleep and soothe tension.

The new Rest & Relax Organic Massage Oil combines the benefits of massage with the natural properties of essential oils to ease everyday tension, restore calm and encourage peaceful sleep. The dual action of plant oils to promote massage along with organic, essential oils work together to naturally combat stress, restore balance, and soothe skin. Six essential oils – Roman chamomile, lavender, sweet marjoram, neroli, petitgrain and ylang ylang – are incorporated, along with two organic plant oils – sweet almond oil and sesame oil – which work in combination to soften, moisturize and protect the skin.

The new soap-free and non-irritant Puressentiel Rest & Relax Bath-Shower is a mix of 12 essential oils formulated to reduce anxiety, aid healthy, deep sleep and balance the nervous system. The essential oils are: ho-wood, Roman chamomile, cypress, true lavender, green mandarin, sweet marjoram, neroli, sweet orange, palmarosa, petitgrain, amyris, sandalwood, fat spike lavender.


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