DrinkWell claims UK first with biodegradable water bottle


Marking its first foray into the soft drinks market, beverage retailer DrinkWell has launched what it says is the UK’s first fully biodegradable on-the-go water bottle.

The eco-friendly bottle is made from polylactic acid (PLA) – a plant-based compound derived from corn starch – meaning it will biodegrade within three to six months if placed within home or commercial composting – and the label is printed using vegetable ink.

The online retailer stresses that as composting isn’t an option for everyone, the bottle is also designed to be incinerated without releasing any toxins into the atmosphere.

The bottles are also more eco-efficient to produce than traditional plastic counterparts; a single pack requires 50% less fossil fuel for production when compared to PET plastic bottles and produces 60% fewer carbon emissions. In addition, the water itself is sustainably sourced from a natural spring in Hereford.

“We’re really proud to be able to bring something to the consumer market that’s completely innovative and hasn’t been seen before,” comments DrinkWell founder and MD Tom Bell. “We understand that not everyone is able to carry and store a refillable water bottle. We hope that this eco-friendly alternative will replace traditional single use PET water bottles and will make a real difference in reducing the single use plastic issue that we’re working together to tackle.”

DrinkWell will initially be teaming up with gyms and leisure facilities as well as offering the products at wholesale price directly to the on-trade, off-trade and cash & carry market.