Calling all retailers! – Log on today for your free organic training

It’s not too late to join today’s free online organic training for independent retailers.

With the organic market growing at an 4.9% according to the Soil Association’s  Organic Market Report released today, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted with organic.  Ensuring your customers understand organic helps you sell organic, which is why we’re offering free one-hour online training sessions to get you fluent.

Specifically tailored for those who face the customer, our inspiring online sessions will demystify what makes a product organic, how you know it really is organic and outline the many ways in which organic benefits the consumer. Further information on the session is provide at the bottom of this mail.

If you’d like to join us today, please register using this link by 10:30 :

Remind me, what’s it about ?

The session aims to help customer facing retail staff more confidently communicate what organic food is and why consumer should choose it. The session will also provide useful commercial context, to aid understanding of  the organic market, who the consumer is and what further support is available.

What will I learn about ?

In just one hour we’ll ensure you have a good understanding of the principles of organic farming and what makes a product organic. We’ll also show you how the market is performing, what sells best, who the organic consumer is and how organic benefits them. You’ll also find out more about how organic can benefit your business and what more we can provide to help you grow your sales.

When is it?

Training will begin at 11:00 and will last for approx.. 50 min with 10 min at the end for a Q&A. You should be able to join from 10:50.

What equipment will I need to join?

You’ll need a computer connected to a broadband internet connection, with sound and a microphone. Headsets are best to avoid feedback.

How do I join?

After registering here you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.