Breastfeeding bar emerges from Freida’s Pantry

The UK’s first breastfeeding bar, Freida’s Feeding Food, has been launched by Freida’s Pantry in a bid to provide a healthy way for breastfeeding mums to keep up their energy levels.

Creator Sharon Kaur, based the all-natural functional bar on a traditional family recipe used by Eastern women for centuries while breastfeeding and recovering from childbirth.

At 187 calories, the handmade nut and seed-based bars are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 and is packed with galactalogues which may help boost milk supply.

“Freida’s Feeding Food is a quick and easy way to get the right nutrition you need to breastfeed,” says Sharon. “As a mum of three, I understand how busy life is with a baby, and you don’t always have time to eat properly. But pop one of our bars in your changing bag or keep them on hand at home, and you’ll know you’re getting a nutrition boost to benefit you and your baby.”

Nutritionist Sarah Noyce from Matters for Health who helped develop Freida’s Feeding Food added: “Many of the milk-boosting products available can be unappetizing and are often costly too. Freida’s Feeding Food is perfectly balanced to give mums what they need to potentially help improve their milk supply.”