Dorset Cereals re-designs to highlight granola and porridge offer

Dorset Cereals has redesigned and re-launched its granola and porridge range. Whilst the packaging for muesli retains the signature Doreset Cereals look, the Granola and Porridge ranges come in new bright, eye catching packs.

With 28% year on year growth for its Granola and 54% growth year on year for Dorset Cereals Porridge, the brand says it continues to innovate to meet consumer demands for wholesome and tasty breakfasts.

“We know Dorset Cereals’ customers love our packs but they don’t always realise we make Granola and Porridge too.  Our new Granola and Porridge packs are bold and have a funky feel to them with bright, stand-out colours, which look amazing on shelf and liven up the whole category,” said Virginie Lenfant, marketing manager at Dorset Cereals.

On the granola front, two new recipes Oat Granola (£2.99) and Berry Granola (£3.79) are added to the range. There’s also a new Honey porridge in sachets (£2.49 for 10) and free flow boxes (£2.59).