Hear, hear — taking industry’s message straight to MPs

Viridian Nutrition has taken out a full page advertisement in House magazine, the official ‘trade mag’ for MPs and members of the House of Lords.

The company says it is responding to the demand amongst retailers for a proactive approach to the natural products industry’s relationship with regulators.

The full page advertisement in the September 26th issue, argues that independent health food stores are at the heart of the nation’s health and that officials should take care when considering changes to regulations

“This initiative is part of our strategy to raise the profile and standing of the independent health food store and the specialist natural products industry,” says Viridian MD Cheryl Thallon. “I am very angry at the way our industry is disrespected and grossly undervalued as providers of excellent health care advice and support.”

• The House magazine is read by MPs, peers and MEPs and is circulated in Brussels and among the media. The September 26th issue magazine is also being distributed to 11,000 attendees at the Labour Party Conference.