Organic campaigns gets "noisy and humorous" in Year 2

The Organic Trade Board is promising a “noisy and humorous” style  for Year 2  of its three-year organic consumer campaign.

The campaign launches today (14 May) and sets out to build on the foundations laid in Year 1 with Why I Love Organic. Objectives for Year 2 will focus on growing organic sales through a high profile media campaign. It aims to drive an uplift in sales by increasing frequency of purchase among those who are conscious but infrequent organic buyers as well as encouraging heavyweight purchasers of organic to become passionate advocates.

OTB projects that if each ‘occasional’ buyer spends £10 more per year industry will benefit from a resulting uplift in sales of £26 million.

The Year 2 campaign, ‘Organic, naturally different’ has a single-minded message focusing on naturalness. The creative approach for the campaign has been driven by research indicating that many people don’t understand the difference between organic and non-organic and therefore struggle to make a conscious decision to purchase. An edgy and humorous creative communicates the message that organic food is food as it should be, less fake and naturally different. The warm and down-to-earth conversational tone aims to explain to consumers the natural benefits of organic by highlighting the unnatural treatments of non-organic produce.

The campaign launches today with 48-sheet Crosstrack posters in key central London underground stations and is supported by digital advertising and a new facebook app – Why Choose Organic, designed to drive likes, engagement and sharing. There are also media partnerships with Mumsnet and Tesco Real Food. PR activity includes a Question Time-style organic debate hosted by John Craven with an organic dinner for guests created by Kerstin Rodgers, more widely known as ‘MsMarmiteLover’, who has been the driving force behind the underground restaurant movement in the UK and writes the successful blog, ‘The English Can Cook’.

Catherine Fookes, campaign manager from Sustain, commented, “This new campaign hones in on what makes organic food important to the individual. Our research shows people choose organic for the benefits it offers them and that’s why we’re focusing on naturalness. We’re really pleased with the reaction we’ve had from retailers and we are taking the campaign onto their websites with ads and recipe partnerships. Our Mumsnet partnership is also new and means we get right to the heart of our audience – mums.”

Anna Rosier, chair of the OTB said “We’re all dealing with tough economic conditions, and organic is certainly no exception.  The ‘Organic, naturally different’ campaign is confident, noisy and humorous and we know it’s going to help deliver the growth in sales the organic sector wants, as well as getting people debating organic.”