A new campaign by Pharma Nord has launched to highlight the benefits of Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil to combat dryness conditions.

A special pack size (60 plus 30 free capsules) will be available from 1 July to encourage new customers to try the Pharma Nord formula – the only one to be used in clinical trials.

“Omega 7 is one of our best-selling supplements and we receive positive feedback each day from customers who have found relief from dryness,” explains Bent Henriksen, Pharma Nord UK MD. “Dry eyes impacts one in ten of us and 40% of women suffer from intimate dryness. There is great demand for natural solutions to these conditions.”

Actress and model Linda Lusardi continues as the face of the new campaign. She uses Omega 7 to combat her dry eyes, which impacted her life for more than 20 years. Linda commented: “I am pleased to be back to support Pharma Nord’s campaign as Omega 7 really has been life changing for me. My eyes felt dry and gritty most days and would become red and sore. Bright lights and air conditioning would make my eyes flare up and they were always watering. Since using Omega 7 my eyes look and feel healthy and I no longer need to use eye drops every single day.”

New point of sale material is also available to communicate the benefits of Omega 7 for dryness conditions such as dry eyes, mouth and intimate dryness.

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