Space unveils Pukka redesign

In its first major redesign since 2004, Pukka herbs has been rebranded and given a fresh new look by The Space Creative.

The launch follows a year-long project which has seen the Bath-based agency redesign the entire Pukka brand and product portfolio covering teas, herbal remedies and food.

The main aim of the overhaul was to position Pukka as a complete herbal health brand, explained David Thomson, founder and creative director at The Space. “With 36 teas and 52 remedies as well as various food products and massage oils, there was a desire to bring the various ranges into line visually and aid product navigation. We created a design that could be fully adaptable. Pukka’s teas are primarily about taste and pleasure, and we wanted to retain the signature all over pattern that has become so synonymous with the brand. But for the remedies, we needed a design that communicated efficacy above all, but that still retains the beauty and symmetry of the teas and felt quintessentially ‘Pukka’.”

The Space carried out the Pukka rebrand in 2004 and Pukka co-owner Sebastian Pole said that the company has been instrumental in bringing about tangible change for the brand. “They’ve given us creative, design and commercial insight that has literally transformed our business. They have ‘packaged’ our ideas beautifully giving our whole brand integrity and cohesion. Our business has grown more than ten-fold.”

The agency is currently helping Pukka craft its communications.