Wiley’s gets positive result on Trust Me I’m a Doctor


In a recent episode of the BBC programme Trust Me I’m a Doctor, Wiley’s Finest Peak EPA supplement was chosen for an eight-week study into the benefits of omega-3s.

The trial consisted of 60 participants aged 35 and over who were split into three groups: one who took Wiley’s Finest Peak EPA supplement; one who ate fatty fish; and one placebo group.

A key finding of the trial was the subjects’ omega-3 index, which indicates how much omega-3 has found its way into the body from the diet. An index of 3% or under is deemed as ‘high risk’ for heart attacks and strokes; 4-8% is ‘moderate risk’; and 8% or above is ‘low risk’.

When the trial started, most volunteers had a low index (3-5%), but at the end of the trial those taking the Wiley’s supplement and the oily fish increased to the over 7% range.

Sam Wiley, MD of Wiley’s Finest, commented: “We are honoured that our family’s flagship Wiley’s Finest product was chosen for this trial … But what made us even more happy were the results; it clearly demonstrates that although almost everyone is omega-3 deficient, they can easily rectify this through daily supplementation and/or dietary fatty fish intake.”