Organic is just “common sense” Browning tells Countryfile

The Soil Association director Helen Browning has told the BBC’s Countryfile programme that organic farming makes “common sense” in a world of diminishing resources.

A survey carried out for the programme showed that while 97% of people said they had “a little understanding of what organic represents” just a third said that it influenced their purchasing decisions.

Asked by Countryfile presenter John Craven if organic was as relevant today as it was 20 years ago, the Soil Association director said that organic had “moved on hugely over that time”.

She said: “In the long term there is no alternative. We have to be farming in a more organic way because it’s more resource efficient;  it looks after our biodiversity — and it is better  after health of the planet as well as our own health.

“Organic is simply the common sense way into the future as resources become more constrained. That food might not all be certified organic, but the food methods and all that husbanding we’ve been doing for the last 80 years is going to be incredibly important for the future prosperity of humanity and the planet.”