The upcoming Eco Life Scandinavia (ELS) trade event in Malmo, Sweden, will see a ‘stellar speaker line-up’ of experts centre their discussions around the most pertinent and urgent issues of the moment.

Speaking on stage at ELS – and its sister show the Nordic Organic Food Fair (NOFF) – the experts will cover proactive sustainable strategies, consumers trends and the effects of the pandemic on the self-care market.

Offering insight on this final point will be Gunnel Åkerman, group CEO at Life, and Mats Nilsson, managing director at Svensk Egenvård. The pair will offer inside knowledge of Sweden’s self-care market, comment on consumer behaviour, report on the pandemic’s impact on sales of VMS and look to the future of the market.

Proactive solutions to the climate emergency will be ‘a vital part’ of conversations at both shows. In a NOFF session titled Act Now, a senior member of Sproud International will discuss ‘the urgency for company leaders to encourage a more sustainable food supply chain, while Per Løberg Eriksen, head of sustainability at Coop Norge SA, will address the ‘risk-based opportunities’ associated with adopting sustainable practices.

“The three main takeaways from my session will be getting around the ‘We have to make money’ argument, defining opportunity and getting proactive on actually tackling sustainability,” says Løberg Eriksen.

From Coop Sverige the audience will hear about Coop’s Sustainability Declarations, during a talk in which Charlotta Szczepanowski, quality and sustainability manager, will cover ten key aspects, including: climate, biodiversity, water risks and working conditions.

And offering an alternative approach Hannah Schragmann, transparency manager at Grow My Tree, will ‘highlight the power of tree-planting against climate change and the role that businesses and individuals can play to be part of this global momentum’. ELS and NOFF organizer Diversified Communications has confirmed that through its climate partnership with Grow My Tree, it will be planting a tree for every attendee at the shows using the organization’s tree adoption initiative.

Other topics due to be covered on stage at NOFF include organic plant-based foods and journeying from ‘food waste to zero waste’.

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