Weleda’s new spring launch is a 24h hydrating facial care range based on the prickly pear cactus and formulated to deeply hydrate skin by reactivating its natural ability to store and regulate moisture.

Weleda has developed a unique, patented extraction process to produce an innovative 100% natural extract from the stems of the prickly pear cactus which contains vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids that help skin look fresh, healthy and plump, while nourishing, refreshing and moisturizing. The light, non-greasy and easily absorbed products incorporate pure essential oils including green mandarin, peppermint and palmarosa to provide an uplifting scent.

The vegan and NATRUE-certified Prickly Pear Hydrating Facial Care Collection comprises:

24h Hydrating Facial Cream: a long-lasting silky cream for normal to dry skin made with 90.5% organic ingredients including organic shea butter and safflower oil to keep the skin looking and feeling hydrated, supple and radiant.

24h Hydrating Facial Lotion: made with 82% organic ingredients this ‘super-light’ lotion for normal to combination skin provides long-lasting weightless moisture that won’t overload combination or oilier skin, mattifies to reduce excess shine, and leaves skin feeling supple. The texture absorbs with a cooling effect, so skin feels immediately refreshed.

Hydrating Eye Gel: a soothing gel formulated to provide an instant hydration boost and feeling of moisturization for up to 12 hours. Its silky texture revives tired-looking eyes and the cooling roller-ball reduces puffiness. The fragrance-free gel is made with 62.3% organic ingredients which include aloe vera juice and cucumber extract. It is suitable contact lens wearers.

Hydrating Facial Mist: made with 89.8% organic ingredients, this oil-free, non-sticky, pore-refining spray invigorates the senses and leaves skin soft, fresh and supple. When skin feels dehydrated, the formulation can be lightly spritzed to refresh and revive with a moisture boost that lasts up to 12 hours.

“In the outermost layer of our skin, we find a polysaccharide (a sugar) known as hyaluronic acid. Its purpose is to bind water keeping our skin hydrated, supported by a mixture of lipids and other hydrophilic substances found between the cells and the hydro-lipid layer that covers and protects the skin,” explains Weleda skincare expert Elizabeth King. 

“The prickly pear survives even the most arid conditions … thanks to its precious mucilage, a gel-like substance found inside its fleshy lobes [which] contains the prickly pear’s equivalent to our skin’s hyaluronic acid, containing similar components, but in addition it also contains many other polysaccharides making it highly effective in binding water. These … have a random coil structure, creating an effective web to further store the water. This water storing facility is far more efficient than the simple linear polysaccharide structure of hyaluronic acid.”