Five tips to turbo charge your brand growth

Stepping into Q2 of 2022, there is no denying that the underlying feeling towards retail is still uncertainty; particularly in light of the cost of living escalating at such a rate in the UK.

Many of the brands which I encounter don’t know what to focus on, where to place their budgets or how to navigate the dizzying speed at which retail has changed over the last couple of years – all thanks to headlines of COVID, Brexit and the digital boom.

It’s not as scary as it may seem! While the mainstream media will have us believing that any evolution here should evoke terror, there’s actually a massive amount of opportunity within both the physical and digital retail spaces this year, and an opportunity to bring them both together for even better results.

Five short, sharp tips to turbo charge the growth of your brand, even in today’s uncertain landscape:

  1. Discover who your customers are, how they think and what they want

Knowing your customer is the first thing to do once you’ve got a brand/product/service ready to go to market. By really understanding how your customer is thinking, what they are looking for and how your brand can solve their problem, speaking to them (and selling) will become a lot easier. You can do this by mind mapping, talking to friends and honing your ‘elevator pitch’.

  1. Get to the heart of your brand’s Unique Selling Point (USP)

In order to really speak to customers and explain eloquently why they need your product you’ve got to know how it’s different from the competition. For example, your skincare products may be vegan, cruelty-free and smell delicious, but there are many other brands out there doing the same – so what’s different about you? Does your brand work particularly well during pregnancy? Does it use circular ingredients, bringing the carbon footprint down, at the same time as being high-performance? Are you working with a cooperative to ensure ingredient growers get fair pay and treatment, making your whole product line responsible?

  1. Engage with marketing, PR and press

This may be a full-time job, but publicity is what can really make a brand at the early stages. We’ve all read those articles with a big buzz surrounding a newly launched brand – and what’s to stop that being you, once your USP is clear? Journalists are interested in brands which bring something different to the table, so get in their field of vision. This will, in turn, put you in front of a wider audience, and increase your customer base.

If you’re searching for someone to help with publicity, make sure they align with your brand values, and that you are comfortable sharing all the inner workings of your business with them. Angles can often be found when discussing things you may not think are important but interest certain publications or journalists, so it’s good to be transparent.

  1. Keep communication solid

Create an online strategy and social media plan – then stick to them. This will give your customers a window into your brand and allow them to learn more about you and the story. People don’t just buy products; knowing the story can be the difference between buying once and telling all your friends. That said, if you do need to pivot, or be flexible, don’t feel the need to be too rigid with your communications.

  1. Keep up with industry news and insights

This is the biggest tip and will help you navigate the retail world as your business grows. If you come to conversations with big retailers, press, buyers or investors, they will all want to see that you know your customers, but also the landscape. Select three or four key industry publications and subscribe to their newsletters. Make sure you read a few little pieces each day, to keep your mind aware of the bigger picture.