The breakfast club

We’re all familiar with the old adage ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’, but truth be told we are more likely to do the exact opposite. Jane Wolfe finds out how retailers can offer consumers easy, convenient and healthy ways to start the morning (more…)

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B.Fresh range receives refreshed look

After working closely with its customers and listening to their feedback around labelling concerns, British cold-pressed juice brand B.Fresh has redesigned its packaging. Aiming to communicate a clear brand message and advocate a strong field to bottle look, the new packaging includes the words ‘Made on our Farm’ to position the brand provenance, and delivers […]

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Bio-Quinone Q10-20Caps

News in Brief

Cafeology Bird-Friendly Coffee has been awarded the Innovation Award in The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards 2015 for ‘trailblazing a strategy to appropriately account for the value nature provides it with’. Following the launch of its 330ml glass bottle in July, Sibberi natural, unsweetened Birch water is now available in plastic bottles in 250ml and 500ml […]

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B.Fresh rethinks its greens

Cold-pressed juice brand B.Fresh has created a new low-calorie green juice, #greenglow, following feedback from customers that revealed celery as a love or loathe ingredient. Combining cucumber, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, lemon and ginger, the 28 calorie juice is high is vitamin K and potassium and, like all B.Fresh juices, is one of […]

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Totally beets from B.Fresh

Recently launched vegetable-based juice brand B.Fresh has added #totalbeets to its range of cold-pressed drinks. The new variety combines 95% beetroot with 5% lemon and has been designed to meet the needs of active consumers and the grey market as beetroot juice has been shown to enhance sports performance, boost endurance and reduce high blood […]

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Get refreshed with B.Fresh farm-pressed juices

Shropshire farmer Philip Maddocks has launched a new drinks brand B.Fresh which offers a range of cold-pressed pure vegetable and fruit juices, wherever possible using ingredients grown on the farm or sourced from other British farms. The fruit and veg are simply washed in spring water from the farm and then pressed to give smooth, […]

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