Aloe, Aloe, What's This…?

A new range of drinks is being launched into UK health stores after successfully capturing the imagination of health and beauty conscious Parisians.

Intriguingly branded What’s This…? the drinks are made with natural aloe ferox, a wild variety of aloe that has twice the potency of aloe vera.

The skincare properties of aloe vera are already widely known, but its wild cousin, aloe ferox is more powerful and adds a new dimension to aloe vera’s natural health properties.

This wonder food has been linked to all sorts of benefits, including natural anti-aging, reducing the risk of heart disease, cleansing the digestive system and detoxifying the body, as well as promoting skin soothing, healing and moisturising.

Nishamai founders Erwin and Catherine van Gelder launched What’s This…? in France last year: “it has taken the Parisian health and beauty scene by storm, says Catherine and we are confident it will soon be recognised in the UK as a great addition to skin care and general good health. What’s This…? also tastes fantastic, delivering sophisticated, adult and delicious flavours to discerning consumers. It will make an exciting and enticing addition to any health and beauty programme.”

The range, available exclusively to independent health food stores, is has an rrp of around £2.75 for a 330ml carton. Three varieties are currently available Baobab and aloe ferox, Green rooibos and aloe ferox, and Pomegranate, hibiscus and aloe ferox