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    Plant-strong nutrition: how vegan diets can fuel active lifestyles

     September 4, 2019  Heather Russell

    This month, you might hear a lot of chatter about plant-based athletes due to the release of a documentary called The Game Changers.

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    How to make a difference: 25 years of Fairtrade

     August 22, 2019  Rosie Greenaway

    Emily McCoy looks back on 25 years of the Fairtrade Foundaiton and highlights how the famous marque can make a difference.

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    Packaging waste or food waste?

     August 20, 2019  Rosie Greenaway

    Dr Heather Daniell, founder of Satisfied Snacks, asks if advances in sustainable packaging can offer plastic-free alternatives which reduce food waste. 

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    We are all affected by the proposal to ban ‘veggie burger’

     August 7, 2019  Dominika Piasecka

    When the EU was asked to ban labels such as ‘veggie burger’ many people wondered why such a banal issue was being discussed in the midst of Brexit chaos.

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    Sustainable food: six tips you can pass on to green consumers

     July 11, 2019  Rosie Greenaway

    Farming billions of animals every year requires a huge amount of resources, including land, water and crops. Did you know that for every 100 calories fed to animals, we receive back only 12 calories by consuming meat and dairy? Eco-conscious and green consumers are often interested to learn about the inefficiencies of animal farming and […]


25 years of Fairtrade

Ethical consumers?

We are demanding more from our shops, our purchases and the ways that our day-to-day items are produced. Transparency is the buzzword of the year and brands are responding with new labels, ethical commitments and claims from organic to vegan. But which ones to choose? And who can we trust?

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