Chill out with duo of new beverages from Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs
Pukka Herbs

The latest two organic drinks from Pukka Herbs are both designed to soothe and relax the body and mind: Night Time Organic Latte and Peace.

Pukka Herbs Night Time is formulated to naturally support evening relaxation and sleep with a plant-based dairy- and sugar-free blend of organic oat, coconut milk, cinnamon and nutty carob bean, infused with the night-time herbs lavender and chamomile, ashwagandha and nutmeg.

Just add milk to create a smooth, creamy and warming drink with a malty taste, hints of nutty chocolate and delicate floral and aromatic notes.

Pukka’s Peace tea is described as an innovative new tea, blended to create calm and support people with busy, stressful lives, who need a moment to switch off and relax.

The soothing combination of practitioner-grade, organic herbs includes ashwagandha and hemp leaf to support ‘the mind and body’s ability to cope with, adapt to and look beyond daily stressors’.

Naturally caffeine-free and made with 100% organically grown, ethically sourced ingredients, the tea has sweet and fresh notes of spearmint, soothing chamomile and aromatic hemp leaf.

“Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important for our health and immunity as eating well and getting enough exercise,” says brand co-founder Sebastian Pole. “Natural herbal drinks can support and encourage the mind and body’s natural processes before and during sleep. Our Night Time latte is a natural potion blended using potent organic herbs that help to calm the nervous system and swirl you softly into a deep sleep.”

He adds: “Stress can be positive, but it is important for us to recognize when stress is affecting us negatively. All too often we reach a point when stress has taken hold of our wellbeing and we need to re-instate balance. Peace tea is nature’s antidote to everyday challenges, with the natural help of organic, practitioner-grade herbs to support the mind and body’s natural responses to worry and stress.”