Lucy Bee releases Organic Coconut Milk

Lucy Bee has released a 1-litre Organic Coconut Milk containing 99.9% coconut and certified Fair Trade by the FairTSA.

Made up of coconut water (90.5%), coconut cream (9.4%) and xanthan gum (0.1%), the drink is unsweetened and has no added waters, fillers or rice.

“Every time I use the Coconut Milk it gets better and better,” says brand co-founder Lucy Buckingham. “I have never tried anything similar to this on the market. The texture and flavour are incredible so my favourite way to enjoy it is straight from the carton. It also works so well with granola, coffee or with my overnight oats. Another bonus is that it’s organic and fair trade, so not only are we benefiting from a great plant-based milk, but the farmers, producers and families are also benefiting too”