Nutty Bruce says ‘gooday’ to UK shelves

Nutty Bruce
Nutty Bruce

Australian-based Soulfresh has introduced what it says is the first activated nut milk range to the UK with a plant-based line from Nutty Bruce.

Certified organic, vegan and kosher, and containing no thickeners, gums, preservatives, colours, stabilizers, pastes or added oils, Nutty Bruce’s plant milks are available in three unsweetened varieties:

  • Activated Almond M*lk – created using just four natural ingredients: whole organic activated almonds, filtered water, organic brown rice and sea salt
  • Activated Almond & Coconut M*lk – made with filtered water, organic coconut, organic brown rice, activated organic almonds and sea salt
  • Activated Almond & Oat M*lk – created using whole organic activated almonds, whole grain oats, filtered water and sea salt, this is thick and creamy so it’s great for frothing in coffee.

“We’re incredibly excited to be bringing something completely new to the category and to launch the UK’s first activated nut milks range with plant-based brand Nutty Bruce,” says Dom Dalton, Soulfresh general manager. “This innovation will see us bring a differentiated product to market and help to grow the category in the UK by replicating Nutty Bruce’s success in Australia and New Zealand, where the brand has rapidly risen to represent 34% of the almond milk category.”

Each product contains a high content of activated almonds – with Activated Almond M*lk boasting 5% – and the company stresses that activation produces nuts that have higher nutritional bioavailability and are gentle on the gut. To activate its almonds, Nutty Bruce soaks them for 12 hours in fresh filtered water to kick-start the germination process, and the nuts are then carefully dried.