Chuckling Goat aims for ultimate gut health

Complete Prebiotic
Complete Prebiotic

Drawing on recent evidence that gut bacteria requires 19 different types of fibre to remain healthy, the latest innovation from Chuckling Goat is a Complete Prebiotic powder.

Because the fibres required include foods like maitake mushrooms, arrowroot, and tamarind powder, that the brand points out aren’t ordinarily found in the British diet, it’s not easy for consumers to achieve ultimate gut health. So Chuckling Goat worked with scientists at Atlas Biomed to develop this all-natural Complete Probiotic powder to make it as easy as possible to achieve ultimate gut health.

The vegan formula includes: miso, which is rich in the prebiotic fibre IMO, probiotics and enzymes; maitake, a great source of the prebiotic fibre beta-glucan and one of the few natural sources of prebiotic fibres lactulose and polydextrose; psyllium husk, which is extremely high in fibre and is a great source of the prebiotic arabinoxylan; arrowroot, containing the prebiotic fibre dextrin; and chicory, which offers large quantities of the prebiotics MOS, FOS and Inulin.

It also incorporates quinoa, spirulina, tamarind, orange peel, rice bran, guar bean, chickpea, beetroot and liquorice root.

“We’re thrilled to be able to finally answer the questions our customers have been asking: How do I get all of these unfamiliar exotic fibres into my diet?,” comments Shann Jones, Chuckling Goat founder. “Our customers are busy, and they need quick and simple solutions. This Complete Prebiotic combines the best of science with the best of nature, to optimize gut health.”