OptiBac boosts baby biome

For Your Baby
For Your Baby

OptiBac has formulated new probiotic drops specifically to promote a healthy gut in breast-and formula-fed babies from birth onwards.

OptiBac says the For Your Baby Drops is the first product of its kind in the UK to contain the Bifidobacterium breve M-16V strain which has been shown in research to colonize in the gut, improve gut microbiome composition (increasing Bifidobacteria) and reduce allergies and eczema risk by supporting immune development.

The liquid comes with an easy-to-use dropper and can be given to babies directly into their mouth, on a spoon, in a bottle of breast or formula milk or on a clean finger. Although recommended specifically from birth to three years, it is also suitable for older children who prefer a drop to a sachet or gummy and can be mixed into cold food or drink.

“The first few years of life are essential for childhood development,” explains Dr Kate Stephens, gut microbiologist at OptiBac Probiotics. “This is also the time when our gut bacteria develop and start to train our immune system to recognize and distinguish between friend and foe, as well as supporting other bodily functions.

“Babies therefore need lots of beneficial bacteria, known as Bifidobacteria. However, the number of good bacteria can be reduced due to caesarean birth, feeding mode or antibiotic use. Taking a probiotic can help to boost the baby biome and may improve your baby’s gut health, immunity and overall wellbeing, helping to give your baby a healthy and happy start.”

OptiBac probiotics For Your Baby Drops contain no preservatives or colourings.