001 London keeps it cool with the CRYOpress

CRYOpress from 001 Skincare London is an ice therapy solution for home use, designed to deliver more oxygen to the epidermis, eliminating toxins, brightening the complexion, and tightening and lifting the skin.

Using a series of massage techniques in combination with its ice-cold temperature, the product aims to tighten, tone and energize the complexion, diminishing tell-tale signs of fatigue.

“CRYOpress performs an exhilaratingly ‘ice-cold’ lymphatic facial that will dramatically improve blood circulation, help eliminate toxins and reduce sagging to alleviate a whole host of skin concerns from the core, not just the skin’s surface,” explains 001 founder Ada Ooi. “This non-invasive biological trigger kick starts our skin’s natural active processes, giving it the foundation to recover and rejuvenate from all immediate and prolonged skin damage caused by internal or external factors.”

The brand also claims the CRYOpress is able to minimize pore size; reduce fine lines and wrinkles; soothe inflammation and redness; reduce puffiness; improve stress-related skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis; regenerate tissue to aid scar recovery; and reduce pigmentation or uneven skin tone.

It can also be used with skincare products to work the ingredients more deeply into the skin for increased benefits.