Booja Booja releases the artist within

The Booja Booja Company is taking chocolate presentation to an even higher level.

Beautiful to look at, ethically sourced and full of delicious, handmade organic, dairy free chocolate truffles; The Artists Collection is the new gift range from the award-winning confectioner.

The Artists Collection gets its name from the intricately decorated gift boxes which are handmade and painted by a community of artists in Kashmir, India — a community The Booja-Booja Company has been working with for more than 8 years. Taking the relationship with these artists in a new direction, The Artists Collection boxes are wooden, square and painted in three unique designs.

There are three products in The Artists Collection: Hazelnut Truffles in the red boxes, Espresso Truffles in the purple boxes and Champagne Truffles in the yellow boxes. The truffles sealed for maximum freshness in a gold patterned, foil pouch — and finished with a stylish colour-coordinated band, creating an appealing and eye-catching gift.