TV ads kick off £2 million organic milk campaign

The Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo) is putting £2 million behind a ‘second wave’ of TV, print and online advertising aimed at encouraging consumers to switch to organic milk.

The campaign focuses on the low cost to a family of four, around 60p a week, to make the switch to organic milk. A PR campaign will launch simultaneously and focus on a wildlife message communicated by TV presenter Kate Humble.

The TV ads began on the 11th of May with the first burst of activity running for 5 weeks with high profile slots on ITV1, and a wide range of satellite channels

The outdoor campaign consists of billboard ads to be featured near large supermarket stores, primarily in the South of England. This is accompanied by in store POS in the form of creative floor posters near the milk fixture and trolley ads to actively drive rate of sale.

Richard Hampton, sales and marketing director for OMSCo, said: “OMSCo has always appreciated the need for investment in consumer-focused communications. That’s why, despite the current climate, the most important thing for us to do is to build the organic dairy sector. We are looking forward to tackling consumer misconceptions about the cost and benefits of organic milk to encourage people to think about making organic milk a part of their daily routine.”