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    Organix launches new kids’ food campaign

     March 21, 2018  Jane Wolfe

    Baby food brand Organix has launched a nationwide Junk-Busting Campaign to expose what’s hiding in some of the UK’s baby finger foods and toddler snacks.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Treat food ‘as medicine’ says Dr Rupy Aujla

       Rosie Greenaway

    Speaking at the annual HFI luncheon held on 15 March, Dr Rupy Aujla gave an engaging and articulate lecture on how he is pushing his concept of ‘culinary medicine’ on the NHS in a bid to highlight the potential power of using ‘food as medicine’ and how it could benefit the nation’s health. “Imagine a […]

  • Industry News

    Government considers single-use plastics tax

     March 20, 2018  Rosie Greenaway

    In a move welcomed by campaigners for environmental and wildlife welfare, the chancellor Phillip Hammond is expected to announce a ‘call for evidence’ in next week’s budget on how a proposed tax on single-use plastics could reduce the impact of discarded plastic packaging on the environment.

  • tideford
    Company News

    Tideford gets switched on to Ecotricity

     March 13, 2018  Jane Wolfe

    Vegan food company Tideford Organics has announced that it has taken the next step in its sustainable journey by switching to British green energy company, Ecotricity.

  • Company News

    A blossoming celebration for Clearspring

       Rosie Greenaway

    Thursday 1 March marked the first in a year-long series of anniversary events for organic food brand Clearspring, with celebrations kicking off at Whole Foods Market, London, to the sounds of a Japanese choir.



Julia Zaltzman

With such a list of dedicated, pioneering beauty brands, it’s unsurprising that once again, the Nordic countries have come out on top in 2017 as being the happiest countries in the world.

lee holdstock

An area that I will be watching with interest going forward is the space where food and technology meet. Whether it is farmers investing in drones, the ever-growing market share held by online and app grocery shopping, or organic’s booming presence on social media, digital is set to become an increasingly powerful tool in raising awareness and trust for UK organic.

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