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    Pukka: We’ll keep selling ‘100% legal’ Detox tea

     May 22, 2018  Jim Manson

    Herbal tea and supplements brand Pukka Herbs says it will continue to sell its ‘100% legal’ Detox tea product, after it was told last week by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that it must no longer use the term ‘detox’ in any future advertising.

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    Margaret Atwood heads women and climate change festival

     May 16, 2018  Jane Wolfe

    Under Her Eye: Women and Climate Change is a two-day event created to shine a light on the role of women taking action on climate change across the world, headlined by critically-acclaimed author and leading climate change advocate, Margaret Atwood.

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    Peas Please puts pressure on the PR of veg

       Rosie Greenaway

    Veg Power, a crowdfunded initiative spear-headed by Peas Please, launched on 3 May with the aim of proving that more effective and targeted marketing can be used to ‘increase vegetable consumption’.

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    Paying with trash at The Rubbish Café

     May 15, 2018  Rosie Greenaway

    ‘Putting it on the plastic’ took on a new meaning at The Rubbish Café, launched by Ecover in London on 2 May, which ran for three days and accepted only plastic waste as currency.

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    Health stores are under-utilized resource says Chatterjee

     May 11, 2018  Jane Wolfe

    Celebrity doctor and GP Dr Rangan Chatterjee, from the BBC’s Doctor in the House, says he believes health stores are a vital resource in the fight against chronic disease. In an interview at Natural & Organic Products Europe, Viridian founder and MD, Cheryl Thallon, asked Chatterjee his views on how the health food store and […]



Julia Zaltzman

With such a list of dedicated, pioneering beauty brands, it’s unsurprising that once again, the Nordic countries have come out on top in 2017 as being the happiest countries in the world.

lee holdstock

An area that I will be watching with interest going forward is the space where food and technology meet. Whether it is farmers investing in drones, the ever-growing market share held by online and app grocery shopping, or organic’s booming presence on social media, digital is set to become an increasingly powerful tool in raising awareness and trust for UK organic.

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