In a move designed to draw parallels between the cruelty of bullfighting and the consumption of animal meat, Spanish company Heura has used the former bullring La Monumental as the venue at which to launch its new plant-based Sausage and Chorizo.

Heura introduced its first plant-based pork products at La Monumental – the last bullfighting colosseum in commercial operation in Catalunya – to usher in a new era, celebrating ‘Mediterranean heritage and traditions, while evolving them to meet the current and future needs of the planet, people and animals’.

“A cycle of injustice can be obliterated once people refuse to follow the status quo and start standing up for what they believe in,” says the brand’s co-founder and CEO Marc Coloma. “Society found a way to transform La Monumental from a place of barbaric animal abuse to an amazing platform for an evolved form of entertainment. As the tides shift and the plant-based protein movement continues to make animal-based meats more and more obsolete, Heura recognizes that the power sits with the people, and we ask the world to make their voices heard.”

Heura says its Sausage has 40% less fat and saturated fats compared with animal meat, and 32% less fat and 66% less saturated fat compared to its competitors; while its Chorizo has 60% less fat than meat and competitors, and 100% less saturated fats than meat. Both products are gluten-free, high in vitamin B12, protein and fibre.