Sugar tax won’t work claims FDF

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has criticised Jamie Oliver’s recent proposal to add a 10p sugar tax on all sweet drinks at his restaurants in protest at the UK Government’s refusal to introduce one, claiming that such measures won’t work. In a statement, Ian Wright, director general of the FDF said: “We strongly support Jamie Oliver’s […]

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Flavanol Rich 3 a Day An Assortment of Gogi Berry, Stem Ginger and Toasted Linseed Chocolate Disks

Diabetic-friendly chocolate is Wickedly Welsh

Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Factory has launched a range of diabetic-friendly chocolate aiming to offer a tastier and healthier alternative to the market’s current offer. The initial range consists of three products: Flavanol Rich “1 A Day” Chocolate and Stem Ginger Handmade Truffles; Flavanol Rich “1 A Day” Dark Chocolate Orange and Toasted Linseed Truffles; and […]

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Newly authorised chromium form “absorbed 10 times better”

With Britain’s  diabetes crisis deepening and the need for preventative action becoming ever more pressing, EFSA’s approval last month of ChromoPrecise was strikingly topical. Increasing chromium intake could play an important role in preventing new cases of the disease. The trace nutrient is proven to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, but it is lacking in […]

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