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Brexit government urged to seize opportunity to put public good at the heart of food policy

Over 80 organisations have signed a letter to Theresa May and the Brexit minister David Davis to stress the important implications of the EU referendum result on food and farming. The 80 signatory organisations – the Soil Association, the OTB, Sustain and Traidcraft among them – say that since many of the UK’s food and […]

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Welcome to the Brexit guessing game

“If you want to know what happens when a country leaves the European Union, you might as well ask the Inuit.” That was the BBC’s Brian Milligan being simultaneously flippant and factual last month (factual, because Greenland is the only other country ever to have left the EU – or the EEC as it was […]

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Brexit negotiations could leave poor farmers vulnerable, Fairtade Foundation warns

The chief executive of the Fairtrade Foundation has warned that the prospects for farmers in developing countries could suffer if post-EU Referendum negotiations result in trade deals that favour the powerful. Commenting, Michael Gidney, said: “The result of the European Union referendum won’t just affect the UK. It will have a huge impact on the lives […]

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UK “likely” to be bound by EU organic regulations despite Brexit vote

The Soil Association says it is “very disappointed” that the UK is to leave the European Union. But despite the Brexit vote the organic charity says the UK is “likely” to continue to be bound by the EU Organic Regulation. In a statement, the Soil Association says: “UK wildlife, the environment and the organic farming sector […]

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