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Meridian Peanut Variant Nut Bars 2015

Meridian expands on-the-go bar offer

Meridian Foods has expanded its snack bar range with three new varieties this summer: Peanut & Banana; Peanut & Berry; and Peanut & Cocoa. The 40g bars, made with Meridian’s own peanut butter and only natural sweeteners, provide a protein-rich bite targeting on-the-go snackers and fitness enthusiasts. “We were the first peanut butter brand to […]

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Nuts may significantly reduce mortality, says Dutch study

A Dutch study, led by Professor Piet van den Brandt from Maastricht University, has found that the consumption of at least 10g of nuts a day is related to lower overall and cause-specific mortality. Although nut intake has been associated with lower mortality, few studies have investigated causes of death other than cardiovascular disease, and […]

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