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A New Year’s Revolution

The HFMA has launched a new campaign on HealthyDoesIt to ‘drive people towards personal health plans and into health stores’.

BBC investigation finds London shops selling ‘COVID-19 immunity booster’ pills

A BBC investigation has found London stores are promoting an Indian herbal remedy called Coronil as offering protection against COVID-19.

World governments receive open letter on vitamin D and COVID-19

185 science and medical experts from have penned an open letter to world governments arguing for ‘increased vitamin D use to combat COVID-19’.

BetterYou partners with Madeleine Shaw for range of oral VMS sprays

BetterYou has entered into a new collaboration with Madeleine Shaw to launch family-focused nutritional oral sprays, launching on 1 February.

Health Stores Ireland announces Retail Awards 2020 winners

Health Stores Ireland in association with Better Retailing Magazine has revealed the results of its best retailer 2020 awards.

DR.VEGAN launches new corporate wellness service

Personalized nutrition brand DR.VEGAN has created a new subscription service to enable companies to help look after employees’ wellbeing.

New plastic-free vegan VMS brand launches

Claiming to be the first VMS brand to be packaged in pouches made from fully compostable materials, Vegan Life has launched in the UK.

New HSIS report emphasizes importance of supplementation in vegan diets

A new report by the HSIS highlights nutritional deficiencies of those on a vegan diet and stresses the importance of supplementation.

Vitamin C for COVID: take it seriously, Holford tells Hancock

Patrick Holford has co-authored a major scientific review positioning vitamin C as ‘a game-changer for COVID’ and sent it to Government.

Fife health store sets up school fundraiser initiative

A Fife health store has celebrated 30 years by launching a scheme where 5% of its online sales will be donated to schools in the area.

UK Government offers free vitamin D supplements to 2.7MN vulnerable people...

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced that 2.7 million at-risk individuals across England are to be offered free vitamin D.

Bio-Synergy introduces UK’s first protein shake vending machine

Sports nutrition, supplements and wellbeing brand Bio-Synergy has launched what it says is the UK’s first-to-market protein vending machine.

New probiotic drink from Agriton UK

Agriton UK has recently released EM Drink, a fermented probiotic drink designed to provide health conscious consumers with immune support.

Viridian Nutrition highlights importance of health food stores in preventative care

Health food stores receive recognition for their role in preventive care at the UK Annual Social Prescribing Link Worker Day Conference.

MP initiates vitamin D conversation with HFMA

In October the HFMA was invited to a meeting with Jo Churchill, Public Health Minister, to discuss the recommended daily intake of vitamin D.

Patrick Holford focuses on plant-based diets with new supplement, book

Patrick Holford has expanded his range of nutritional supplements with Essentials4Vegans to provide the four nutrients most difficult to obtain through a vegan diet:...

Johnson U-turns on school holiday support

Boris Johnson has pledged £400 million to support disadvantaged school children in the latest government U-turn.

Pharma Nord announced as vitamin D supplier for major clinical trial

Pharma Nord's Bio-Vitamin D3 has been chosen for a major trial studying the effects of vitamin D supplementation in protecting against COVID.

VMS category nears £500M – and vitamin D ‘outshines’ the competition

Research from Mintel shows Brits spend almost £500M on VMS – and the nation is demonstrating an ‘insatiable appetite’ for vitamin D.

Bamford creates six-strong supplements line

Bamford has launched a six-strong line of nutritional supplements to help support personal wellbeing, in its first foray into the sector.