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Detox term ‘misuse’ prompts name change at Pukka

Pukka Herbs has relaunched its popular Detox tea under a new name – Feel New – following the ASA ruling in May 2018 that whilst Pukka could continue to sell the tea, it could not advertise it in the UK (We’ll keep selling 100% legal Detox tea’). Pukka has now changed the name and reviewed […]

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ASA pulls up Juice Garden’s beetroot blood claims

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that the botanical juice bar Juice Garden breached the CAP code following a complaint challenging the statements it made on its website about two juice products. The Bloody Marvellous juice was claimed to be a ‘blood purifier’ and the beetroot in it said to ‘cleanse the blood’, which, […]

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Use of term ‘probiotics’ amounts to health claim, ASA tells advertiser

Probiotics International Ltd, owner of the Bio-Kult brand, has been told by the Advertising Standards Authority that it must not in future use the term ‘probiotics’ in its adverting. The ASA ruling comes after a complainant challenged whether instances on the Bio-Kult website where products were described as containing “probiotic bacteria”,  “probiotic strains” or a […]

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ASA satisfied Vitabiotics is ‘UK’s number one vitamin company’

The ASA has agreed that a claim made by Vitabiotics in a radio ad that it is “the UK’s number one vitamin company” was correct when the ad was aired last year. An unnamed complainant had challenged whether Vitaboitics would be able to substantiate the claim. In response to requests from the Agency, Vitabiotics provided […]

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Brands warned: “Regulators are actively tracking you over health claims”

Health food companies were warned yesterday (16 October) that UK regulatory bodies are actively tracking brands for possible breaches of new EU nutrition and health claims laws. The warning was given at a special HFMA seminar in London on communications in a “post-health claims regulation world”. Aggressive Setting the scene, HFMA executive director, Graham Keen, […]

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Upbeat Soil Association says new ASA-cleared claims are breakthrough for organic

The Soil Association yesterday (19 September) unveiled a comprehensive set of evidence-based statements about the benefits of organic food and farming. The statements are contained in a new report – What You Can Say When You Are Selling Organic Food – from the organic charity and have all been cleared with the Advertising Standards Authority’s […]

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Homeopathic group says ASA ruling was “attack on CAM”

The homeopathy action group H:MC21 and its supporters last week gathered outside the Advertising Standards Authority in protest at a ruling by the ASA on the promotion of homeopathic medicine. The ASA recently launched an investigation into claims made for homeopathy on several websites after receiving “a large number of complaints”. Complainants argued that homeopathic […]

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ASA “failing to protect children from online junk food marketing”

 The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is failing to protect children from manipulative junk food marketers and “does not properly understand the digital world properly”. That’s the conclusion of a new report from the Children’s Food Campaign. Its Through the Looking Glass report asserts that two years from extending the non-broadcast advertising rules to cover websites […]

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