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Omega-3s lower risk of death from heart attack

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine has found that marine and plant-based omega-3 fatty acids are associated with a lower risk of fatal coronary heart disease (CHD).

New online probiotics tool goes live

OptiBac Probiotics has created a new online educational tool to help clear up the many misunderstandings that occur around probiotics.

Nordic diet associated with better physical performance in later life

In a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Finnish researchers have found that a Nordic diet may be beneficial for overall physical...

Only a fifth of the global population meet vitamin E threshold

In a recent review of global vitamin E status, researchers found that only a fifth of the population have the recommended serum level of vitamin E.

Researchers urge health authorities to rethink vitamin D guidelines

Following the publication of a study from the University of Surrey, worldwide health authorities are being urged to rethink guidance around vitamin D.

Spending more on food is associated with healthier choices

A Spanish study of over 2,000 people has found that those who increased how much they forked out for food made healthier diet choices,...

Leaked Childhood Obesity Strategy draft reveals watered down measures on sugar

A leaked draft copy of the Childhood Obesity Strategy indicates that the UK Government has shrunk from a number of public health promises.

‘Innovation must be responsible’ says BetterYou

At the NHT Summit in Manchester BetterYou delivered a seminar to brands and retailers on innovation, trends and what’s to come for the VMS market.

Montmorency cherry juice shown to significantly reduces high blood pressure and...

Drinking tart Montmorency cherry juice significantly reduces high blood pressure at a level comparable to that achieved by medication, according to new research from...

Mediterranean diet “better than statins” at treating heart disease

In one of the first large studies of the Mediterranean diet as a ‘treatment’, Italian researchers have shown that a diet rich in vegetables,...

FSE report stresses role of supplements in healthcare

A report published by Food Supplements Europe (FSE) has identified supplementation as a cost-effective policy to bridge gaps in nutrition and potentially delivery valuable health cost savings.

Danish team find “no evidence” that probiotics benefit healthy adults

  A team of Danish researchers who reviewed several trials on probiotic supplements say they found “no convincing evidence” that the products changed the composition...

Supplementing with vitamin D while breastfeeding also boosts baby’s status

A randomized controlled trial has found that women who take high dose vitamin D supplements during breastfeeding also increase the vitamin D status of their infants.

IADSA launches online VMS resource

The London-based International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA) has introduced a new online information resource, Mind the Gap, designed to facilitate more effective communication about the benefits of dietary supplements.

Supplementing with omega-3s could save EU €12.9BN in healthcare costs

A report commissioned by Food Supplements Europe has found that the EU could save billions on cardiovascular disease (CVD) healthcare if omega-3 supplements were...

Natural Nutrients gains £125k investment

Durham-based natural supplement company Natural Nutrients has announced it has received an investment of £125k.

Omega-3 levels in salmon are falling, warns IFFO

The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO) has warned that the levels of fish oil in fish feed are falling and that this...

Daily consumption of almonds may reduce wrinkles

New research has found that postmenopausal women who partook in a daily snack of almonds saw a marked improvement in wrinkle width and severity.

Report published into benefits of a vegan diet

Viva!Health has published The Incredible Vegan Health Report, investigating how a plant-based diet positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Turmeric benefits more pronounced when eaten in food, researchers say

A study commissioned by the BBC programme Trust Me I’m A Doctor has shown that the health benefits of turmeric may be more pronounced when it is cooked.