Pause for thought

The menopause is treated by many GPs as a medical condition rather than a natural part of women’s life cycle. As with pregnancy, menopausal symptoms become medicalised and women start to feel as though it’s something they’ve got to battle through rather than accepting it as a new stage in their lives. However, that’s not […]

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Dairy-free delivers on innovation

The dairy-free category is being spurred on by innovation and the growing trend towards a plant-based diet. But amid the growth of dairy-free, independent retailers may find mainstream retailers their biggest challenge, writes Aline Tanner (more…)

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Clean break

The widening availability of green cleaning products is helping consumers to make a clean break from chemical-laden brands, writes Sarah Merson. (more…)

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Burt’s Bees CEO, John Replogle

Earlier this year Burts Bees CEO John Replogle addressed the One Young World Leadership Summit in London, a global forum for young people of leadership calibre. He talks here to Natural Products editor, Jim Manson about his Summit experiences and his ambitions for the Burts Bees brand in Britain and Europe. (more…)

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Wake up call

When it comes to breakfast products health store customers are looking for something different. Jim Manson looks at what’s hot at the breakfast club. (more…)

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