The latest features from the pages of Natural Products News – the leading trade magazine for the natural and organic products industry.

Pandemic pantry

Rosie Greenaway takes a walk down the ambient aisle to browse the perfect store cupboard staples for a well-stocked pandemic pantry.

All the gear

Becci Vallis swims through the active lifestyle sector, from positive trends driving NPD to the trends generating health warnings.

Sleepwalking into a crisis

It’s not rocket science that lying at the root of tiredness and fatigue is often consistent, poor quality sleep, reports Denise Barrett.

Future food

The superfood category is coming of age with sophisticated new ways for consumers to get their hit of healthy nutrients From the positive health benefits...

Take heart

Innovative supplemental approaches and traditional herbal favourites form the heart of this dependable health store sector. Heart-related problems are a big issue here in the...

Cabinet reshuffle

The bathroom cabinet provides plenty of scope for natural products which nourish, soothe and inspire – even among everyday essentials.

Living the low impact life

Increasingly consumers are looking to lead a low impact life – so what can you do to attract the green-minded shopper?  More and more people...

Inside tract

The digestive category is becoming key for health stores, with customers’ increasing willingness to swallow the natural pro-gut message, says Matt Chittock The UK is...

Smile high club

As we head towards the season for planes, trains and heatwaves, Rosie Greenaway looks at how the Zika virus, Brexit, music festivals and ‘pointless...

Protein goes green

From the humble pea to the mighty sunflower, plant-based sources of protein are gaining ground. Jo Caird examines the market and reports on a...

Playgrounds and pandemics

As parents prepare to drop their children off at the school gates after a prolonged period of homeschooling, nerves will run high over kids’ wellbeing.

Made to measure

Jane Wolfe enters the world of personalized wellness to discover what’s available to consumers wanting to take control of their health

Another round

Nothing says summer like the gentle sparkle of a white wine spritzer – but are you brave enough to try beer made from urine?

Taking function further

Tough trading conditions may risk stifling functional drinks NPD, but where there’s passion and ambition, growth is still possible.

Ready for Brekkie?

With numerous studies linking missing breakfast to poor health – including obesity, coronary heart disease and high blood sugar – healthier and on-the-go options...

The heart of the matter

Dr Decker Weiss is a naturopathic cardiologist with an important message about inflammation. Here, Rosie Greenaway relays some of the key messages conveyed during his 2018 retailer roadshow, and discovers why ignoring the red flags could be catastrophic for cardiovascular health

Family matters

Planning ahead Parenthood starts way before you hear the patter of tiny feet, with what you put into your body before as well as during...

Cold comforts

As the colds and flu season splutters into life, Matt Chittock finds out why people are increasingly turning to natural alternatives to stave off...

Recipe for success

From ready-wrapped vegan sandwiches to an array of healthy snacks, the lunch sector is good to go in natural health stores, as Brits shun...

The whole package

Want the truth about sustainable packaging? It’s complicated – but consumers and brands are both committed to change, says Matt Chittock